[ovs-dev] [PATCH 0 of 2] xenserver: inteface-reconfigure and vif hotplug updates for next branch

Ian Campbell ian.campbell at citrix.com
Thu Feb 25 08:15:11 PST 2010

Following are a couple of minor updates to interface-reconfigure and
vif hotplug for the next branch.

They are against the xen-api tree and I've left the xapi changes in so
you can see I'm not just removing features (Ben, you might need a
filterdiff in your import script, I hope that's OK, I can filter in
the future if not).

Unfortunately running these patches with an old xapi will lead to the
loss of the xs-network-uuids field from internal networks. Also a new
xapi will rely on the new ovs-vsctl functionality. I couldn't think of
a way to make the changes in a forward-/backward-compatible manner.

With the interface-reconfigure changes I'm able to pass my
interface-reconfigure-test test-suite again.

I won't actually be upstreaming these changes to XCP until I pull in
the next branch of vswitch.


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