[ovs-dev] Asking to run app with nox

Trinh Minh Tri tmtri81 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 1 21:22:54 PDT 2011

Hi NOX dev!

I'm new in Nox but feel it's very interesting for network researching.

I follow some introductions from nox website and can make the nox run with
default application such as:

./nox_core -v -i ptcp:6633 pyswitch

Now I'm trying to write an application for nox, for example: pyswitchv1.py,
or more general my application contain many file located in 1 folder:

I run the command:

./nox_core -v -i ptcp:6633 pyswitchv1

but the nox_core reply that it cannot file the file pyswitchv1 to run. I
follow the other file to put the symbolic  link to the folder nox/build/src
but it also doesn't work.

I also try to run it with the folder:

./nox_core -v -i ptcp:6633 pyswitchv1folder

and it also doesn't work.

Would you instruct me how to make my program writted in python to work with

Thank you very much
Trinh Minh Tri
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