[ovs-dev] Graceful failure of restart of vswitchd on Debain

Simon Horman horms at verge.net.au
Sun Sep 4 17:41:18 PDT 2011


The openvswitch-vswitchd init script in 1.1.1 included code
to attempt to load the openvswitch_mod module and if that
failed print an informational message:

	Install the openvswitch-datapath-source package, then read

And then exit with status 0.

This was not entirely ideal as it means that the init script would
succeed even if the openvswitch-vswitchd wasn't started. But IMHO
it was probably the best case scenario as the alternative, exiting
with a non-zero status, would result in the init script failing
on install if the module wasn't present - a common case I believe.

In 1.1.2 the start logic has been moved to ovs_ctl which exits
with a non-zero status if openvswitch_mod module can't be inserted.
For the reason I describe in the paragraph above I don't believe
this is desirable.

In the short term it is easy enough for me to just add (restore the) logic
in the openvswtich-vswitchd init script to try and load the module
before calling ovs_ctl and exit gracefully if needed.

By I wonder if it might be better to enhance ovs_ctl in some way.
Perhaps "ovs_ctl load-module" or something like that?

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