[ovs-dev] (no subject)

Simon Horman horms at verge.net.au
Wed Apr 18 21:50:02 PDT 2012

This series contains a prototype implementation of STT for Open vSwitch.

This series consists of two patches:

* datapath: tunneling: Push vlan_set_tci() call into protocol handlers

  This allows tunneling protocols to set the VLAN TCI to a non-zero
  value and will be used by the implementation of STT.

* tunnelling: stt: Prototype Implementation

  This patch implements STT, its changelog includes some commentary about
  the state of the implementation. Review would be greatly appreciated - I
  am sure there is ample room for improvement.

  The implementation is based on the information available at

  Changes since the previous posting (v2) are noted in the patch's changelog.
  Primarily bug fixing and exercising previously unexercised code paths.

Further work:

  It seems to me that some changes are needed to the tunneling core code,
  in particular handle_offloads(), to allow GSO skbs to be passed
  unsegmented to STT. Perhaps a new mutable->flags flag is in order?

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