[ovs-dev] output action to a bonded port

Luiz Ozaki luiz.ozaki at locaweb.com.br
Thu Mar 15 11:58:38 PDT 2012

On 3/15/12 3:34 PM, Ethan Jackson wrote:
> No, the bundle does not output to a bond.  It outputs to a group of
> ports analogous to an OpenFlow 1.1 group.  I don't recommend using it
> as it doesn't go through the standard bonding code and thus may
> exhibit unexpected behavior.
> Ethan
Good to know.

I wonder the impact using the bundle, now that I have this in production =)

The bond is configured with SLB active-active (Yea, I know some of the 
issues with this) but since, as you said, it bypasses the bond code this 
should avoid the SLB problem, right ?

Reading the man pages of ovs-ofctl seems that bundle do the same as the 
bond code, so I was wondering if it shouldn't work the same.

At least in my case, we need to send all the outbound traffic of the VMs 
out to the physical network to avoid inter-VMs communication. So use 
normal, will make the VMs inside the same OVS to communicate.

Any other way to do that without bundle ? Or use normal but avoid 
inter-VMs communication ?

Luiz Henrique Ozaki

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