[ovs-dev] Initial VXLAN Support in OVS

Kyle Mestery (kmestery) kmestery at cisco.com
Thu Mar 29 13:12:58 PDT 2012

This patch builds on top of the VXLAN patch sent by Ben to the OVS list
from October 2011. It is not complete, but I'd like to get some initial
feedback on the approach here. Jesse and I had talked a few months back
on this, but I wanted to do this incrementally. This initial patch adds
tunnel header information to the flow key. It acquires this by having
the tunnel vports store this in ovs_skb_cb for now. Tunnel headers are
also allowed to be set from userspace. For now, this is all very VXLAN
specific, but other tunnel vports could move in this direction as well.

Feedback appreciated in it's current form.

BTW: I have a branch on my github for these changes, and I squashed
all my commits for the last few months into one, collapsed with Ben's,
to get the patch I've included below. Let me know if this is ok as well.


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