[ovs-discuss] Automating ovs using an API or similar

Semba, Kurt ksemba at enterasys.com
Wed Jul 6 10:21:38 PDT 2011

Thank you both for your fast response!

So my only option is to walk through the C-code of your ovs tools and try to reproduce this using Java and this JSON-RPC lib?

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On Wed, Jul 6, 2011 at 9:06 AM, Ben Pfaff <blp at nicira.com> wrote:
>> I've found a Java library called openflowj but as far as I understand 
>> it is used to configure an existing Distributed Virtual Switch from 
>> Citrix - correct? I've also checked the latest Citrix XAPI 
>> documentation which has been updated in December 2010 - it doesn't 
>> yet seem to contain any support for openvSwitch -correct?
> It's likely that openflowj works with any OpenFlow switch, rather than 
> just with the Citrix DVS.  But I doubt that it includes OVSDB 
> bindings.

[I'm one of the author's of openflowj, apologies if this is off topic for the list]

OpenFlowJ is a library only for marshalling and unmarshalling OpenFlow messages over the network (and the associated accessor  functions).
People have built OpenFlow controllers and other components on top of OpenFlowJ, but the library itself is just the I/O routines.

Hope this helps,

- Rob

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