[ovs-discuss] Question about setting Open vSwitch on top of CentOS with XEN support

guessi at gmail.com
Sat Jul 9 11:26:01 PDT 2011

Hi everyone,

I'm a very newbie of Open vSwitch user,
recently, I'm working on some research about Open vSwitch, and I got some

here is the description of my system setup:

CentOS 5.6 Final (x86_64) with Xen Support (through: yum groupinstall
Open vSwitch v1.1.1 (downlaod from http://openvswitch.org/, not pull from
the git tree)

and my first simple goal is to make Domain-0's eth0(fake) connect to the
and, if it is correct, it should be controlled by OVS.
then I do some works as follow...

I followed the document "INSTALL.Linux" step by step, everything seems work
and I can success make Domain-0 to be connected to the network, tested by
the command "add-port, del-port",
but here comes up some question... hope you can help me to answer these

after the step " ovs-vsctl add-br vbr0 "  (virtual bridge name: vbr0)

* first question *
if I want to make Domain-0 link to be connected, which port should I attach
to the virtual bridge... eth0? or peth0?

* second question *
do I need to attach "vif0.0" to the virtual bridge "vbr0"? (vif0.0 ->
interface of Domain0's eth0)
or there is no need to do so, just attach eth0 / peth0?

* third question *
how can I attach "vif1.0" to "vbr0" before Domain-1 is been created?

* forth question *
with KVM support, INSTALL.KVM says that need to add scripts ovs-ifup /
then, with XEN support system, do we need to write scripts for ifup / ifdown

thanks for the help

Best regards
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