[ovs-discuss] Controllability of OpenFlow Controllers

Rob Sherwood rob.sherwood at stanford.edu
Thu Jun 23 20:04:50 PDT 2011

[I didn't see the post to openflow-discuss, so I will try to answer this here]


I'm one of the co-author's of openflowj.

OpenFlowj is a complete and very useful implementation of the openflow
protocol in java.  While I believe the code is solid and to the best
of my knowledge bug-free, it is "community supported" open source
software, so depending on your needs, it may not be suitable for an
enterprise deployment.  That said, a number of projects are built upon
openflowj including Beacon and the FlowVisor
(http://openflow.stanford.edu) and those projects are deployed in at
least semi-production settings, so maybe I'm just being overly

If you were looking for a commercially supported product, there are a
number of commercial controller manufacturers who I'm sure would be
interested in talking with you to find out your needs.

Hope that helps,

- Rob

On Thu, Jun 23, 2011 at 7:34 PM, Wei-Chih Chen <wcchen.tw at gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear all,
> I am using XCP (Xen Cloud Platform), which includes Open vSwitch.
> I would like to create virtual bridges of Open vSwitch and attach them to
> VMs on XCP.
> However, from the XCP community, they suggest to use OpenFlow controllers to
> control Open vSwitch instead of using ovs- commands directly because ovs-
> commands may confuse XAPI.
> I just tried Beacon and found that there is openflowj, which seems official
> Java library for OpenFlow.
> It seems that Beacon provides a web UI (and perhaps also provides some
> useful functions) calling openflowj as backend.
> For automatical configuration, my system needs a set of APIs to control Open
> vSwitch through OpenFlow.
> Does openflowj provide all functions that can fully configure Open vSwitch?
> (That is, can I fully control Open vSwitch by just using openflowj?)
> Moreover, I take a look at Maestro, another Java-based OpenFlow controller.
> It seems to implement its own codes for communicating with OpenFlow
> switches, not openflowj.
> If this is true, which is recommended, openflowj or Maestro? (For production
> enterprise network. Friendly GUI is not necessary)
> Thanks!
> p.s. Similar question has been also posted in
> openflow-support at lists.stanford.edu.
> Regards,
> Wayne
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