[ovs-discuss] discuss Digest, Vol 30, Issue 5

Jesse Gross jesse at nicira.com
Wed Jan 4 14:24:09 PST 2012

2012/1/4 likunyun <kunyunli at hotmail.com>:
> If I do that , what's more  should do  in ovs?
> if NEED_CSUM_NORMALIZE is not defined and the skb could ge the flow in
> kernel. OVS does nothing about checksum. The kernel should finish the
> checksum (checksum_setup and  checksum help) after skb being transmited from
> ovs. Doesn't it ?

Please don't drop the mailing list or top post.

There are quite a lot of comments about what needs to be done in
checksum.c in order for checksums to be be computed correctly.  There
are a number of subtle interactions to make checksumming work
consistently across different kernel versions.

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